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How do you choose the right sex doll for you?

Are you interested in bringing a silicone sex toy home? Are you able to understand sex dolls in general? You don’t know enough about sex toys to purchase them. These questions and instructions will help you understand the process.

How do you choose the perfect sex doll?

You can easily choose the best life like sex doll

There are many beautiful and attractive sex dolls available on the Urdolls website. 

1. According to appearance:

Face, body ratio, breasts, etc.

2. By height

Face, body ratio, breasts, etc.

3. Based on weight

big breasted sex doll can be programmed to a specific weight. It is important to take into account their physical condition.

4. Storage space for presses:

The larger doll can reach 100cm or more in height. It is highly recommended to consider storage space.

5. Sort by material type:

Two types of materials are used in adult products. Silicone and TPE are both soft materials. TPE material is tear resistant, but it has poor performance in certain properties, such as smell, oil stain, and service life (35 year)), and the cost is high.

6. Through the skeleton design

Different brands and suppliers have unique performances, so some skeletons can be used for close-range performance of actual actions at 90% while others are limited to close to 70%. It is important to consider gender poses and if the photographer is using them.

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