How do you care for your sex doll?

How do you care for your sex doll?

To prolong the life of your teen sex doll, it is a good idea to oil and powder it. Be careful and not overdo it.

You can use a little mineral oil to make your doll supple again. First, clean and dry the doll. Next, apply the oil to the doll. Finally, sprinkle some baby powder or cornstarch over the oil.

Depending on the use of your doll, you may need to dust it once per month or oil it every two months.

Why powder your doll when you can oil it? TPE material naturally loses oil and oiling your doll can help to replenish this oil. TPE can become sticky, especially after washing. Powdering smoothens the skin and helps to prevent your love doll becoming a dust magnet.

Not all brands are the same. Doll-Forever/PiperDoll (and the new Hydolls) do not need to be oiled (at least for the first few months). Oil-free is also recommended for  Aldolls.

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