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How Do We Guarantee The Quality Of Sex Dolls

6 Key Differences Between Genuine Dolls And Fake Dolls

Why is it that the exact model of japanese sex doll is cheaper elsewhere? It’s too good to be true! price tags mean high costs and never-ending hassle after paying.

High-quality medical grade material. Use with caution.

Extremely detailed areas for sexual pleasure

More flexible to contact (e.g. bras with jiggly thighs)

The manufacturing process is inspected and verified by hand for every unit. Every stage of production follows a specific manufacturing process. The goal is to give our customers the finest available in terms of appearance, feeling price, and real-world quality.

We insist on conducting an extensive and thorough quality control of every model of cheap sex doll that leaves the factory. It concerns:

The quality of the mold of the mini sex doll in real life

In this phase it is where everything is observed. The TPE skin has to be seamless soft, smooth and even. The feet and hands are thoroughly examined. It is to be noted that manufacturing demands the skeleton be joined and then positioned. As consequently, tiny filling areas are visible that cannot be considered to be an issue with the manufacturing process. We ensure that there aren’t any tears or bubbles across the entire body.

The quality of the TPE skin is in regards to elasticity, softness and softness.

The real-life character of this TPE flat chest sex doll;

>> The way the skin of the real teen sex doll bonds to the skeleton

The quality of each articulation (neck, elbow, knee or wrist …) of the skeleton made of metal:

In this stage the entire process is examined. The articulations of the wrists, necks, shoulders, knees… can be examined in accordance with a comprehensive test plan, including checking the TPE mold and arm articulation at the level of the armpit.

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