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While sex toys are becoming increasing in popularity and a lot of people have accepted the concept, many owners of sex toys still want to keep it in a secure place to ensure privacy. They don’t want family members, parents or their family members to stumble upon them by accident. In addition, the sexually explicit doll is an expensive investmentand you don’t wish to put her at risk of being damaged. It’s essential to know how to keep your dolls safely and safe.

At You can explore the various ways to keep your flat chested sex doll in storage:

Be aware that regardless of which method you choose, be sure that your doll is kept in an upright position with her arms on her sides.

1. Your sex doll can be stored in the closet

It’s beneficial to hang your sex toys in the closet because they’ll be upright for the duration of the time as the body gets stretched naturally. If needed, you could also secure your closet. It is possible to purchase a hook combination kit for hanging it. Like this:

2. Keep it hidden under your mattress

It is much less likely for people to go looking for items in your bedroom. It’s perfectly safe to store your doll in this manner. Make sure to put a mattress or soft padding under the doll prior to placing the japanese sex doll inside the container for storage. Be cautious with the mattress or padding beneath as dark or dirty marks could cause skin stains for your doll. Switch her legs or arms position every so often if it is necessary.

3. Storage couch

If you’ve got the money obviously, an ottoman with lock is the ideal choice for you. It is first of all, large enough to accommodate your doll and other accessories. The second reason is that they have a gorgeous design and are an ornamental piece for your home. You can secure it so that no one will know the secret in the sofa.

Make sure your doll is protected from smoke, dust or intense light as well as humidity. These can shorten the life span of your sex doll.

There are a myriad of ways to store sexually explicit dolls. If you know of methods to store your sex doll, please share them with us. We invite you to share your thoughts below. We would love to hear from you.

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