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How Do I Clean My Doll’s Body After Use?


Cleaning can be an extremely relaxing routine. A lot of customers have reported that cleaning can strengthen the connection to your pet.

Begin by removing any excess body fluid using a soft towel.

Eliminate the vaginal insert If applicable, remove the vaginal insert.

Cleanse the wig, then remove the wig. the wig independently.

The insert is washed in soapy warm water that is anti-bacterial in the sink and let air dry completely.

For a full-sized doll, place your doll on a towel on the bed. Use the spray bottle with a mix of (preferably Sulfate-free) soap and warm, clean water. Gently massage the doll’s skin using your hands or clean it using an unclean sponge. Use gentle force when you wash your mini sex doll. Skin care is the most crucial aspect.

It is safer to place your doll on towels, spray and wipe off if you’re confident in handling the weight of your doll and you enjoy water-play.

After washing after washing, dry your cheap sex doll completely using a dry towel to get rid of any excess water. Avoid using blow dryers as they could cause skin damage when the heat is too intense. It is best to lay the doll down on towels in an area of bed so that it can dry.

It is optional, but highly recommended that you could apply baby powder to your custom sex doll‘s skin once drying her. This will help to remove any moisture that remains and help keep her skin soft and smooth.

Tips You can try spreading your legs and use small fans to speed up drying.

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