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How Did You Choose Sex Doll?

Choosing a luxury sex doll can be very difficult. A few years ago, there were not many models, and Japanese and American flagship brands dominated the market. However, the emergence of the sensational Chinese doll completely changed the situation. Combining all brands, over 200 body types, almost twice as many different faces, everything is highly customizable, and it’s not always easy to understand how one model differs from another. No.

Learn about denominations. Coming to the world of tiny sex doll, I really don’t know whether to choose a face shape or a body shape. Body names can be a bit confusing.

Until 2016, a 1-2 cm difference within the same brand indicated that one model had smaller breasts than another. 2017 completely changed this trend. Branding is not just about boobs, size is just one indicator of true love doll style.

Silicon or TPE?
The choice of material is important. Some people prefer TPE over silicone and vice versa. For more information on the differences between the two materials, see the following article: Real-world Comparison of Silicone and TPE-RealDoll Materials

Choosing the Right Dutch Wife
The face gives personality to your luxurious love doll. So it’s only natural that you have to take the time to choose it. Check out the gallery for the different possibilities for multiple bodies with the same face or multiple different faces. But please note that the head is removable except for the JM Doll 65cm and Doll Forever Piper series. Logically, it’s easier to change your head than to change your body.

Therefore, when making choices, the first priority is the choice of the body.

body choice
Each brand still has a global character, even if manufacturers try to offer quite different measurement ranges. Below is an overview of each manufacturer’s key advantages.

WM Dolls is the most prolific brand, releasing at least as many faces as a new body or two every month. It is also the brand with the most galleries.
The Dollhouse 168, like the new EVO collection, is clearly a brand with an Asian design and numerous innovations, with a skeleton that surpasses all its competitors, especially when it comes to leg flexibility.
Doll Forever also has an Asian face and body, bringing a unique innovation to Chinese sex dolls
. Piper Doll’s life-size non-removable head anime sex toys definitely comes to life.
Iron Tech Dolls are beautiful classic and slender sports dolls on the fashion runway.
Chita offers luxury sex dolls with faces in their 30s, including the ultra-light Chita 100cm miniature love doll real person.
face selection selection
After the body, go to the final step, select the face.
Eye color and wig choices may seem important, but nothing is set and can be easily changed. Also, if you already have sex dolls, be aware that there are several compatible brands: JY Real Doll, ASDoll, Doll Forever, Doll House 168 (excluding EVO), or Sex Dolls, YL Deluxe Sex Dolls, Iron Tech Sex Dolls. You cannot buy a face from one manufacturer and a body from another on your first purchase. However, this opens up a lot of possibilities if you need different faces.

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