How can you solve the problem with the dolls’ weight?

Weight is an important aspect of realistic love doll interaction. You don’t need to be realistic but you do have to give it a try. It’s enough to feel the cuddling sensation. This is something that I find very satisfying and can convince my brain it’s more than a hollow doll or a exploding doll.

Refer to my 30kg WM140 doll and 8kg Ex-Lite doll. A mini sex doll can weigh in at least 30kg, and still give a real experience. 8kg, however, is too light for me to believe it will be convincing. For me, the sweet spot is between 22-24 kg. This is almost the same size as the full-sized silicone dolls with foam cores. However, this is a significant improvement over TPE a few decades ago.

As mentioned, the doll still needs to have some body parts (such as hips, thighs and breasts) to make it more interesting for sex/cuddling. The body type determines how much weight is added. For example, the large breast/butt variant will always weigh more. These areas are not suitable for foaming. It is still possible to compare it with my Ex Lite. However, foam is the most boring and inert material you could use in this area. It’s like spanking a cardboard container. It’s so dull, I can’t imagine what it will look like inside.

Personally, I love the idea of detachable legs. It is one of the few positive aspects of the 6YE/HR. It allows you to adjust the doll’s weight temporarily to make it easier for you to transport, store, move, and maintain. You don’t need any limbs for many sexual positions. You can easily loosen your arms while you sleep. The seam can be covered as long as it is closed securely. This means manufacturers have a modular platform that can easily be customized, upgraded, and used to make dolls of various sizes. This concept may be possible in the future.

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