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How can you prepare your doll?

The purchase of a sex doll the first time is a thrill. But sometimes, because of delays in shipping or other issues that arise during transport and delivery, you could be waiting for your doll for months that can be very traumatic. However, there are some things you can do and keep your mind entertained during the wait. Here are some things you should purchase before your doll is delivered.

Water-based lubricant is a must. As we have mentioned earlier when you are making an effort to fall in love with your sexy doll having a lubricant on hand is vital.

Renewal powder – Another thing that was mentioned is the powder that you can apply to the bbw sex doll‘s skin to make it smoother and not tacky. Powders for babies are the best option due to their sweet scent.

Perfume – If you’d like your doll to smell good There are a variety of perfumes that you can select from. However, be sure that you do not apply the perfume directly to the doll’s skin as it can cause damage. Instead, you should spray it on the flat chest sex doll‘s clothing.

Measuring tape – While most manufacturers provide sizes such as the weight and size of a doll’s height but they rarely provide the measurements for the various body parts, such as legs, waists, etc. If you’re planning to purchase clothes to your child, you’ll require a measuring tape to determine her leg lengthand bra measurement etc.

Accessories and hair – which is made of wigs is an essential element of the sex doll‘s appearance. Although your doll is likely to come with a particular wig, you could invest in several wigs, and then change the style from time to time. If you’d like to enhance the look of your doll’s hair attractive by adding hairpins and hairties.

Accessories and makeup The mini sex doll‘s appearance wouldn’t be complete if she had any makeup added to the gorgeous look that is her facial. The makeup that is made of powder is completely secure for the doll. While sex dolls typically come with makeup that has been applied but you can select any basic makeup powders and makeup brushes.

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