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How can you distinguish the pros and cons of sex dolls?

High quality sex doll bbw are available. On average, Americans spend $2,500 per year on dating. Inflatable dolls, as the name implies, can be quite large. More and more people are making the first steps towards purchasing sex dolls.

It is important to know the truth about silicone dolls. Presently, there is more fake silicone dolls than real ones on the market. This is a serious problem. It is easy for players to buy inferior dolls if they don’t have a good understanding of dolls. These are basic guidelines to help you identify the true and false entity dolls.

Step / Method

The first is the material. The silicone sex doll’s material is platinum. It has high hardness, good surface smoothness, and strong authenticity. Fakes should have a harder time, the elasticity is less, the flesh is darker and slightly sticky, the sensation is not smooth. It is false, just as the appliance is real, there is no good realism.

The second is the smell. Some sex doll cheap are very fragrant, while others are almost tasteless. Fake sex dolls can also have a strong smell.

The third is the function. Real goods can be used multiple times without any problems. Fake goods can only be used once. Once broken, the base cannot be used again.

 Fake goods are generally made from ordinary plastics. These materials can have a negative impact on the human body, and could also have more severe side effects.

Five, Real commodity dolls have the benefits of environmental protection, high efficiency, odorlessness and high transparency after molding. They are also non-toxic, tasteless, long-service life, physiological inertia and resistance to biological ageing.

Sixth, the price differential: The real goods are industry standards. Fakes are imitations. Outsiders can’t be found easily. We don’t think dolls are cheap enough to buy. Be careful.

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