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How can I remedy the peeling of the film on the surface of the sex doll?

Many people purchase japanese sex doll and after a specific amount of time, the skin begins to become dry and fall off. In reality, I’ve had this happen several times before, however, there’s an unanticipated reason that is simple to get it back. This issue I’ll explain the causes and the solutions to the dry surface that is characteristic of Hybrid Sex Dolls.

The reason why the mask of teen sex doll is Crispy

I love the fact in which the face of the doll’s is dry and crispy. It could be similar to the skin peeling phenomenon that occurs following sunburn in humans, however for sex doll, it’s caused by a lack of proper cleanssing. This is a common occurrence particularly if the lotion is left on the doll after having fun with it.

The problem with the lotion residue is that it could stick to places other than the ones where it’s used in competition, for instance around holes. When practicing, my lower portion of the body is the most soiled which is why, at the restroom, I mostly clean the lower part of my body, and occasionally, the upper body is also washed swiftly. In the course of play the lotion applied to the lower body of an ALDOLL mini sex doll could stick to the upper body because of some of the dynamics, and can dry out and form a curl as shown in the image.

The Answer To The Sex Dolls’ Skinny, Crispy

The answer to the crisp skin that covers the exterior of the bbw sex doll is quite simple. The answer is to thoroughly wash it off at the sink. However, I’m sure that most people find this to be difficult and a hassle So I’ll provide some tips.

1. Get a nice shower

2. The wash will be from the top down to the bottom

3. Make use of to wash your body

Tips: After playing in the lotion area, and would like to rinse your hands of it using an immediate shower and clean it off in the method above. However, the lotion might be clumpy or separated when you wash it off after having it on for a long time after having fun.

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