How can I protect my doll and prevent unwanted penises from entering her private parts?

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We recommend that you lock your room or the area where your teen sex doll is kept. This can be done by using a key. Or by using thermal fingerprints, an eye scanner and voice activation for your titanium pervert bunker. Whichever is more convenient. If for some reason this option is not available to you, we strongly recommend you get a guard dog. Or, if you are in a Slavic country, you can go for a cheap solution and get a highly trained brown bear.

This is a real headache. In this case, a psychological approach is best. Take a piece of paper, write: “My boobs are better than yours and your pussy stinks. I want to break up with you, sweetheart”, stick it in your silicone sex doll‘s vagina and wait for the magic to happen.

Communicate with your roommate to avoid such problems

The best way to avoid such transgressions and betrayals of trust is a good dose of communication or threats. Tell your roommate that Busty Amy 2.0. is yours, literally yours since you paid for her. Politely ask her not to fuck her. And avoid saying things like “If I don’t pay my share of the rent, you can fuck my sex doll”. If your roommate responds better to manipulation, tell her that you have a dead body in your room that you regularly fuck. Although we are against any form of necrophilia, you can tell your roommate that the body belongs to someone who snooped around your room and got caught. Threats are a last resort (again, we advise against them) and should only be made if all other measures have failed. Assert your dominance with something like: “If you touch Fat Amy, I’ll guillotine your peepee and sell it on eBay”.

Conclusion: sex doll are great fun, but people can be jealous and try to spoil your fun. Make sure your silicone girl remains unsodomised and loyal to you and only you. If you’ve followed our guide, it’s very unlikely you’ll have a roommate, but if you do, remember to love and protect. But don’t let a hot silicone thing get in the way of your friendship either. If your roommate is having a rough year, be a trooper and share. After all, love dolls have three holes and several thousand potential holes. You can team up with your mate and enjoy a friendly spat. Sharing is helping each other!

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