His story about sex doll

A man who has been divorced three times finds affection for the sex doll Noni and is open about the secrets in his bedroom.

A man who has been divorced three times has discovered an adorable flat chested sex doll whom he shares an emotional bond. He has spoken of his “ecstasy” he feels when they bond.

Murray of Queensland, Australia, bought the teen sex doll at 6 feet tall and gave her the name Noni in the past few years.

The sex doll is plastic and, naturally it’s impossible to communicate however it isn’t stopping Murray of feeling a strong emotional connection to her doll.Speaking to ABC Murray, he stated that if you could choose to have an actual woman, but it’s not always feasible.

“After my divorce, I was very unhappy. I was very depressed, I was close to suicide.If I come home from shopping,” he declares, “she’s there in the home. It’s a blessing that the house isn’t empty. “He said: “You don’t even feel the silence. They talk to you. You discuss your issues or your life as well as your highs and lows as well as your sorrows and joys. You can share whatever you like. It’s all it takes. “Murray also revealed details about his sexual relationships and the doll.

He added, “Depending on what wig the doll wears the type of clothes she wears and what perfume she’s wearing and the mood she’s in will be based on the type of sex we’ve.

“It’s going to be totally different, one day she’s going to be into BDSM, another day it’s going to be, ‘Hold me tight and cuddle me’.”

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