Here are some tips to keep your sex doll looking good

Here are some tips to keep your sex doll looking good.

Cleaning your sex doll

Your sex doll will need to be kept clean. Without a condom, bacteria can buildup in the doll over time. While you don’t have to use safe sex, condoms make cleaning easier and faster. Use mild antibacterial soap with warm water, but not hot. The asian sex doll should not be immersed in hot water or a jacuzzi. Do not heat it up with high heat sources such as hair dryers. After washing the doll gently with soap and water, dry it.

If you have had sex with your doll’s doll, make sure to clean the anal, vaginal, and oral openings. If you are using a condom, this step can be skipped. If your doll is made from silicone, you should not use any lubricant that isn’t safe for silicone or synthetic. Vaseline can damage your doll’s synthetic flesh, for instance.

Make sure your petite sex doll is in the right place

Consider the position you want your sex doll to take when choosing her pose. It is not good for her internal skeleton if she attempts to hold on for too long. After you are done using your sex toy, place it back in its original position so it is ready for you to use again. Your sex doll will then be ready for use. Your sex doll should live a long time in your care. We fully support the investment you make in your sexual pleasure.

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