Here are some FAQs about sex dolls

Here are some FAQs about sex dolls

What fabrics are safe to use for my teen sex doll?

There are many fabrics that won’t stain or damage your sex dolls. These fabrics are worth keeping in mind when you buy your next sex doll.







These materials are flexible and elastic and can be easily dressed and undressed by your love dolls.

How do you store sex doll safely and securely?

Consider where you will store your sex doll when buying it. As long as the doll is not wearing tight clothes and is naked, it can be left on a chair or on the bed. Silicon Wives’ bbw sex doll come with a storage box that can be stuffed into your wardrobe.

Temperature is also important. It should not be too hot or cold. Otherwise, your doll might show signs of wear after some time.

What is the best make-up for a sex doll?

There are many ingredients in makeup that can be dangerous to your sex doll and difficult to remove. Before you buy lipstick, blush, or any other product, make sure to test it out. Apply make-up to your sex doll, and wait for a few minutes before removing it.

What is the maximum lifespan of a sexy doll?

How well you take care of your sexy doll will determine its longevity. It can last about ten years if it is kept dry, dressed in loose clothes, and properly cleaned. There will be signs of wear after a while. It is possible to repair dolls easily. Silicon Wives also offers repair kits if there are any problems.

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