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Her first two days

Your first day with you TPE mini sex doll will be the most important day of the year.

Rinse the doll 5 to 6 times to get rid of the residues of production.

This stuff is harmful and you must get rid of it.

After that, you can do an oil treatment with mineral oil then let it absorb, after that, you can powder it.

Let the doll sleep throughout the night.

The initial Mineral oil treatment as well as the powdering are in operation over the next few hours (binding the residues left behind).

The next day, clean the powder and do this mineral oil process once more to let it soak in and then apply the powder again.

Let’s get started on cleaning your Barbie.

Doing the washing your teen sex doll

It’s not necessary to bring your doll to the bathroom for washing. I strongly disapprove of the practice of cleaning your doll. To wash your doll, all you require is the spray bottle and a makeup brush. Lay your doll horizontally upon a surface that is flat, such as a bed, or a soft foam pad. Utilizing the spray bottle, create a soapy mixture and mix.

The formula is available here.

Utilize an empty bottle and make a mix of typical hand soap/shower gel and regular water, in a proportion of 1:5.

This will be what you call your “flat chested sex doll soft soap mix”.

We’ll cleanse the front of her body right now. Spray her back and wipe it clean with an easy sponge. Repeat this until the torso, legs and arms have been scrubbed. Dry her using the microfiber towel, and then apply the powder to get rid of the tacky sensation to give the silky skin feel. I would suggest dispensing your baby’s powdered cornstarch in smaller containers so that it’s accessible and then use an application brush it all over the areas you have just scrubbed her with. Once you’re finished with her, flip her upside down to repeat over her back.

After washing the cheap sex doll using soap and water, there could still be some stains and stubborn dirt that is left on the TPE. This can be difficult to discern to the eye based on the light source and colour of the doll’s skin. It is possible to get rid of the majority of it by using baby oil to massage repeatedly with the exact same strokes on each body area at a given time, and you’ll soon notice the dirt that is accumulated at the end of each stroke. Clean it up with a towel, and repeat until the doll appears like it’s clean enough. After you have cleaned the doll in this manner it is possible to rub it back in using baby oil and let it sit for a while.

If you intend to use oil on your sex doll, you’ll need to better clean her. It’s possible that the skin of your doll’s doll to turn black as the powder used for production was absorbed by the teen sex doll‘s body by mineral oil.

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