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He Will Never Leave The Doll Now

It took him a few days to have sex with Love Doll, but it’s amazing how he never leaves the doll now. Unlike other girls who reject him or gossip about him, she always listens to him by his side. David likes to buy them. More importantly, he is now more confident and has a more fulfilling life because he has the idea of ​​falling in love for the first time in 21 years.

You dominate the entire relationship. She is 100% loyal to you. Have you ever seen such a cute girl in real life? Now that she’s with you every day, you can have regular and incredible sex anytime, anywhere.

The oil takes some time to absorb, so you need to leave it on for a few hours. For the best care of your doll, we recommend applying petroleum jelly on the chest, buttocks, elbows and other openings, cradles and joint areas. We recommend that you oil your sex doll every month, even if you don’t use it.

Marriage or relationship is a transaction between two people. You can share your sexual needs and fantasies with your partner and make some rules about it. If your partner thinks it’s cheating, don’t break the rules unless you don’t end the relationship. You need to discuss this with your partner because your feelings and your partner’s feelings are the most important. If you can come to an agreement, you may be compatible.

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