Good place to position your sexually explicit doll

 Good place to position your sexually explicit doll

The bed’s corner

The bed’s corner place is somewhat like a doll that is facing backwards while sitting in an armchair however, the softness of the bed makes it possible to slide underneath the sex dolls more easily and provides an easier and more enjoyable contact. It is also possible to lean back and even lie down and bounce the doll around.

It’s a good idea to put it on or above an exercise ball to help support it more effectively as well as bounce it. This helps ensure that she does not slide forward, however, be cautious not to fall and drop her onto her back.

The ball for training is helpful when it is the case that the dog leans toward the forward. It is also possible to incorporate it into the dog’s posture when it’s slightly deflated so that the petite sex doll can sink into it, preventing it to slide off and also protects fingers and hands that could be delicate.

It is recommended to perform this at an area that is in in order to prevent the doll being thrown off of the bed in case you lose control!

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