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Give the love doll a new style and hairstyle according to your personal preference

These popular living rooms feature unique penetration holes that allow you to choose between male, female, and trans flat chested love doll. High-quality, realistic products are made from high-tech TPE material. These dolls are safe for anal, vaginal, and breast sex.

Fixed doll vagina. Builtin or fixed vaginas have a soft spiral bulge that stimulates your shaft. A fixed doll vagina is emotional because it is the same as a real woman’s. Fixed vaginas have a more realistic sexual experience and more natural body types. A sex doll with fixed vagina is best if there’s a nearby toilet.

Use a soft towel to dry the skin. A hair dryer is not recommended as it can dry the skin and cause damage to the quality.

To help their partner overcome loneliness, realistic sex dolls are used. Realistic young sex doll are often used by lonely men to help them overcome loneliness. Amanda Advanced Curve Tpe Sex Doll

Flat chest sex doll hair wigs can be used to give love dolls a completely new look. You can achieve a classic, elegant look with longer styles that are easy-to-brush and wear. A hair wig will give your doll a more youthful appearance and make it easier to manage tangles.

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