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First-person experience with sex doll owners

flat chested sex doll

Hello everyone I am a sex doll experience, in the eyes of the onlookers they think I am very strange, curious about my life, think I am with sex dolls every day heart will be twisted, and I have many styles of sex dolls, such as mini sex dolls, flat chested sex dolls , these are my more favorite, my family thought I was crazy, think I do not like sex between men and women, in fact, I myself know that sex dolls can actually be seen as partners

When you are busy with time work to do, when you have no woman in your living environment, and some people who have been hurt by feelings, in a long period of depression may have lost the idea of sex, but the body’s needs have refused, had to go to have sex with some prostitutes, but if you have a sex doll you will find that this always belong to your sex partner is always with you, just like I dress them every day, dressing They are like my wives waiting for me to come home every day, and I look forward to coming home every day to see their smiles, if your life is a mess do not put can try something new

I remember the grandfather near my house, the grandfather is 50 years old, he has no children, his wife also died 3 years ago, until last year I recommended him a sex doll, he began to resist, think I was humiliating him, until later he slowly accepted, and now every day the grandfather will take his new partner to drive around together. After all this you really don’t want to consider buying a sex doll of your choice?

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