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Find the perfect bra to match your real-life doll

Your doll is a real person with two lovely arguments, which you, as the owner of her, would not want to leave out. There are times when you’ll like to cover these two beautiful things in elegant underwear to give your doll a personal and interesting look.

Yet, many don’t know the things to search for in an underwear item for a real doll. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to determining the proper size of bra and what to remember when purchasing underwear for your doll.

It’s a given that it is not a matter of whether your love is a TPE or a cheap sex doll made of silicone.

What does the term “bra size” actually mean?

The size of the bra on the TPE mini sex doll, silicone doll, or a woman isn’t an issue, but it is sometimes a source of some confusion. It is likely that you have heard of the sizes 60B and double D but aren’t sure what they mean. Let’s shed some light on this subject The letter and number represent two different dimensions, which are combined to form the size of the bra.

A,B, C or D?

The letter indicates the size of the breast, which is identified as C, A, B D E, F, and more. A is a tiny breast, whereas a teen sex doll sporting an F cup is proud to have two large breasts. Double letters like double D are middle sizes which are moving towards the next larger size. DD is, therefore, larger than a cup of D and nearly as big as E.

Note that AA is an extraordinary size, and signifies it is smaller in the chest than that of a normal A cup.

60 70, 65, 80 90, they represent.

A number (e.g. 75B, 90G, or 60A) is the number that represents the circumference of the bust’s underside in cm. Lingerie stores in the USA generally provide this information in inches, which is why we always supply our sex doll with this additional information. Women who are slim typically have a bust circumference of between 50 and 70 centimeters and heavier women often reach 90 or 100 centimeters.

If you’ve searched for bras that can fit your silicone bbw sex doll, you’ll have observed that the measurement of the under-bust is usually listed in intervals of five. Then you will see indications of 70B or even 75B. You can round up the numbers when you are looking for a bra to wear with your beloved.

There is often an unambiguous relationship in breast measurement and circumference. This implies that the circumference of the under-bust and the breast size of a woman increase proportionally to the size of her body. But this is only true for the smallest love dolls, and, sometimes, doesn’t be applicable for real females. Even a slim teen sex doll could be a big cup, such as D and E. The article will provide ways to shop for bras for these dolls later in this article.

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