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Factory can create custom-made doll bodies and characters

They can still be considered David Cat’s products, even though they were not hand-sculpted by Cat. “Actually, the dolls were customized in the factory before they were delivered. They, or any sex doll, have never been simple objects for me.” David Last year, David the cat said this to me.

David Cat is one the most active ebony sex doll owners. His blog featured his love story with dolls and his writing diary. He also made short videos. David Cat is not the only one. The highest-end Japanese sex doll is available to everyone in a global community. These dolls are used as emotional substitutes or sex, while others use them to create art or friendship.

These silicon sex dolls wouldn’t be strange to Pygmalion if he lived in today’s world. Ovid’s original works include chapters that hint at this: The sculptor is spiritually in love and integrated with the girl who is ivory sculpture. Similar “sculptural loves” are still found in ancient anecdotes and in modern society. A gardener was reported repeatedly and judged in the garden in 1877. Intimately related to the Arm Venus replica statue

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