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Eyeshadow and Lipstick – Sexy or innocent for a sexy doll?

With just a tiny amount or makeup could make your sex doll look completely new look that can completely change her appearance. In order to achieve this, you’ll need just makeup products, such as eyeshadows and lipsticks with a shade that you love.

We strongly recommend not to apply makeup, such as foundation, that is designed to apply directly on the skin of the face. The consistency of liquids and the stark pigmentation can cause the discoloration of the doll’s face.

However they are safe:

Lipstick: A color-coordinated lipstick is not just an item that gives a woman a great deal of sex appeal. Even a sexually explicit doll could benefit as well. It is possible to find lipsticks at every drugstore for around two dollars and obviously, on the internet. Pick your preferred color and check it out on the foot of your doll.

Allow the lipstick to absorb for a couple of hours, then take it off again to observe how the silicone or TPE will react to the lipstick. If it’s able to be easily removed, or if the slight discoloration isn’t as significant to you then you could apply it with care to the lips of your doll.

After your sexy rendezvous with your teen sex doll you must get rid of the lipstick!

Eyeshadow: It’s astonishing the things makeup artists can conjure out with just a bit of eyeshadow. It’s likely that you’re not as confident in your own work and that’s totally fine! You could even create the perfect makeup style for your cheap sex doll by following only a couple of steps.

It is possible to purchase a an eyeshadow in a single application for under $1 at the drugstore, and smaller palettes that cost less than 5 bucks. Then, all you need is an eyeshadow brush that often comes with palettes.

Be sure to apply darker shades on the outside, and lighter shades on the inner of your doll’s eyelid . And obviously, you’ll need remove the makeup on a regular basis.

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