Exterior Cleaning your sex doll’s exterior

What do you require :

Sponges and towels

Paper towels

Antibacterial soap

Baby oil

Baby powder

Microfiber towel

The frequency at which you clean the exterior of your small sex doll is contingent on the degree of dirt. When you clean take care of the doll just like you would yourself (as an overall rule that what’s beneficial for your skin is suitable for your baby doll. What is not good for your skin can be harmful for your newborn doll).

First, give your doll a bath using the warm water, soapy water. We’ve found that the most efficient method to accomplish this is to put the doll onto a table, or any other flat surface and then give it a bath using a sponge. You can make use of the soft sponge, towel or any other non-abrasive personal hygiene item that you feel suits your needs most. Place your doll in the middle of the table and rub the sex doll from top to bottom, and then flip it over to rub the opposite side. Once you’ve finished washing it, dry it using an untidy towel.

Some customers ask whether they can bathe their love doll in the shower or bath. We recommend against this for various reasons. First, the head shouldn’t be immersed in water. Furthermore, water can get into the body through the neck region (where the head is attached) and possibly enter the skeleton. In both situations there is a chance from rust, mould and so on. which should be prevented.

Sometimes you’ll be confronted with oily staining that is not easily cleaned with water and soap. In this case, you will require the use of a paper towel as well as baby oil. Pour your baby’s oil on the towel and then wipe the stain off. It’s easy. It is recommended to give your doll complete care using baby oil, all the way from top to bottom so that the material remains soft and smooth.

As time passes, and in particular after a baby oil therapy the skin can become sticky and rough. That’s normal. The best way to fix this is to apply baby powder. Sprinkle the baby powder onto the skin area you want to treat, then wipe it off using an easy microfiber cloth. Your skin should be just as soft as it was when you bought it.

The internal cleaning process of the sex doll


What you’ll need :

Sponges and towels

Paper towels

Antibacterial soap

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