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Expert Tips to Handle and Move Your Sex Doll

Don’t Over Bend or Stretch the Love Doll More Than She Can Handle

As a real girl your mini sex doll‘s love is a tolerance limits. If you move her legs, arms or turn her waist, you’ll sense it’s only an degree. If you feel the stretch is uncomfortable, stop. That’s her limit of tolerance. Putting on more force will certainly cause harm, and it may cause a fracture to the skeleton or tear the skin. If this occurs, it’s unlikely that you will be able to fix it, unless you take them to a workshop.

Do Not Leave The Sex Doll In An Odd Posture

Of course, you are able to position her however you’d like, but you must ensure that she is in a natural posture after lying, sitting or standing. If you leave her in an awkward posture can hurt her.

One of the worst position is doggy style as it puts a lot of pressure to their knees. This type of position is sure to cause knee pain. If you’re going to try it, make sure you are lying on a comfortable bedwith an extra blankets or pillows underneath her knees.

Never Leave Your Sex Doll Face Down

This is not a good positionthat can cause harm to her breasts, face and knees terribly. The face could be injured and her breasts may be stretched and her knees may tear. Do not do this, even if for a second!

Use A Chair With Wheels To Move The Sex Doll Around

They’re heavy, and it is true that. Especially for those who are not used to bbw sex doll, she may be too heavy to bear. If you’re brand new to this, you should try to purchase a doll under 30kg or 50lbs. This is an ideal size and weight to carry. It is best to have a chair that has wheels, like an office chair, to transport her around. This will make life more convenient for you.

Follow General Rules for Moving Heavy Objects

When moving or handling your cheap sex doll, make sure to maintain your spine straight and straight. Also, make sure you bend your hips and knees. Dolls are easier to move when they are held vertically. It is recommended to wrap each arm around the waist of your doll, creating an ‘Bearhug’ posture.

Do not attempt to lift the teen sex doll with any of the limbs or heads and always keep the body. Don’t throw the doll onto your shoulder because you may put stress on your “spine”.

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