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Enjoy sex with a doll in a bathtub

How does it feel to have sex in the bathtub with a doll? It’s a completely different experience than lying in bed. This gives you a different feeling than usual. After you have finished bathing, apply baby powder to your body. Don’t let water get into the doll’s neck connector. This could cause the doll’s skeleton’s water to rust.

This is why? Many suppliers have stopped selling gel-filled breast options via their websites. This was corrected by changing the operation method.


Many people dream of anal sex. Anal sex can be done with silicone sex dolls. Her ass should feel comfortable, open well and tight. This is a normal, healthy, and pleasant experience for many. It is hard to find a partner willing to be a part of the receiving end, and even harder to find someone who enjoys it. Good news! This function is available on both male and female dolls. Our product engineers have worked hard to create dolls that are realistic, compact, and intense. This will surprise you.

WM Dolls is a well-known doll brand in the sex industry. China is home to this professional small love doll manufacturing factory. The WMDOLL brand sex toys are highly praised for their authenticity, beauty, and high quality. Every detail has been meticulously and professionally designed to give you perfect reproductions of women in dream proportions.

Jasmine is our largest large BBW Flat chested sex toy. Jasmine was given all the curves she needed by the gods of love when they gave her body.

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