Dressing your sex doll

Dressing your sex doll

There are a myriad of outfits to choose from that will fit your bbw sex doll. You can be very imaginative by purchasing clothes for your doll, such as sex dolls, swimwear as well as summer dresses and costumes for cosplay. Although many of our customers don’t take the time with dressing their dolls others request special outfits to play with and inspire their imagination.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the fact that asian sex doll we make are small. For American size numbered sizes We suggest that you test either size 0 or size 1. To ensure accuracy, we provide the dimensions of every doll’s size on our web site. These measurements will allow you to identify the right dimensions for your particular doll. Because we sell our dolls with no outfits, you can choose any of the outfits available at our web site. Remember that our outfits are made for dolls of small sizes and won’t fit an actual sexually active doll.

Best Sex Dolls

A few customers who love to dress their mini sex dolls have asked for the best accessories to utilize. A stylish necklace or bracelet can add the sex appeal of your doll, but we suggest caution when using expensive or heavy jewelry that can cause damage to your doll or even cut it. We advise against placing your doll in storage with accessories due to similar reasons and to protect yourself from any damage that might be accidentally caused.

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