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Don’t be worried when the sex doll you are buying has been dyed

Do not be scared if the doll you are wearing is dyed. If it’s lightly dyed using oily makeup liquid that absorbs the dyed part of the mini sex doll don’t bother asking why, the Chemistry teacher will explain it to you. If the sex doll isn’t really dyed, and the doll is left to its own devices it will naturally morph into. If your sex doll is stained badly it is possible to purchase an anti-coloring cream and use it for 24 hours. But it’s very corrosive and not suggested. (Some friends who dress their bbw sex doll in black stockings, ought to use incarnadine in the black stocking to stop the dolls from dying).

Problems with makeup and removal for cheap sex doll with sex:

The olive oil as well as the makeup removers are suitable to remove makeup: all-purpose olive oil 9.9usd cost of shipping free, and, if you’re looking for something practical. You can prepare it in case you own sexually explicit dolls. It is possible to remove all makeup but otakus that don’t possess the ability to make-up, should not clean their eyebrows as easily as there are only a few people who maintain their eyebrows.

In the beginning it is advised to purchase lip gloss or some other product. In the future you can purchase eyes for sex dolls, lashes and more. In addition to the eyeballs of dolls that are sex, you can purchase replacement and alternative eyes, as well as the appearance of sex dolls can change in a single step. It’s not about wigs that sex dolls wear. There are a lot of online wig stores, however if you are looking to purchase a higher quality, lighter-colored wigs are the top option.

Don’t be jealous of how beautiful other people’s japanese sex doll look. The appeal of dolls that are dressed up. Sex dolls who aren’t dressed up also reflect the picture of an ordinary girl. Dressing a sex doll can be a challenge initially, but it’s a lot of fun to master it. It is possible to search for different instructions on makeup using Google, BJD homemade or anything, there are many makeup tutorials available, and you’ll discover them gradually. However, don’t master all the tricks, because the sex dolls are more delicate than hollow BJDs So don’t pick regular cosmetics, normal colors are a great option.

The storage of dolls for sex:

Does this mean that Jesus is the Christ? Ha ha. The smallest sex dolls can be simple to describe, you just need to discover a suitable place to keep them.

The suitcase is able to accommodate sex dolls between 65cm and 100 cm. It’s hard to find a larger luggage. If you have a sex doll that is larger than the size of 138 centimeters, you could opt for a storage box that looks like a sofa that is more secure. It appears like an outdoor sofa but putting it on afterward the sofa-style storage box and the sofa cover is a perfect artifact to hide the sex dolls. Be sure to wrap your doll up in blankets once you put it inside the box, or else it will appear very distressed.

Third, even if put your sex dolls away in a sturdy storage box Make sure to powder your dolls every few weeks. Anti-dyeing and control of oil are essential. Light-colored clothing is not easily stained by dolls in sex, however should the doll spills plenty of oil, it’ll automatically take on the colour.

Thirdly, if the doll in the closet, it’s no issue, but be sure that you should not keep your doll curled up and to let every part that make up the doll move in order to avoid joint joints on the doll could easily fracture.

There are companies who make hooks for sex dolls that leave openings in the rear similar to hanging clothes. But, of course, you have to possess a strong psychological ability and be confident about being scrutinized by others.

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