Don’t be afraid to dress your doll

Don’t be afraid to dress your small sex doll

Ladies’ clothes are tough for men to dress in however, you’ll want them to complement the doll appearance. Pants and bras? Bikinis? Daisy dukes and Halter tops? Do you prefer rocker? The sky is the limit, and you can create whatever you’d like to achieve your look.

I used to feel awkward buying a thong bra, and gym pants for my sex doll. Thankfully, I grew used to it and now women think you’re buying to impress your wife or girlfriend in the end. I am now I am shopping for my girl and looking forward to the arrival of a “new look” is part of the excitement.

If you’re not confident to order a wig, you can do so on Amazon. There are also numerous hairstyles that can completely change the appearance of the doll. It’s really amazing.

Don’t divulge information to people who don’t have a need to be told, unless they’re just as cute as you are and would like their own sexually explicit doll. There are many creepy people in the world I’m sure of it.

The contrast with the love doll and escort.

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