Does your roommate use your sex doll?

Does your roommate use your sex doll?

Do you have a roommate who is always snooping around and touching your stuff? Are you afraid he’ll bang your new teen sex doll?

It’s highly unlikely, but also possible, that this is the case. If so, you have a 64% chance (made up statistic) of getting an STD. And the last thing you’d want after coming home to Busty Amy 2.0 after a long day at work is to contract a new STD that you didn’t have or want before. So let’s find out if your naughty roommate is secretly fucking your silicone girl and what you can do to catch him, expose him and punish him.

Can you really get an infection or virus from your silicone sex doll if someone else is using it?

The answer is yes. While most bacteria cannot live for long outside the human body, unwashed sex toys that are passed between them for short periods of time can spread unwanted infections. Most bacteria or viruses can only survive for a few seconds to a few minutes outside the body, which is why we don’t get sick from touching door handles or toilet seats. But if someone were to spill bodily fluids or blood into your silicone daughter Amy’s vagina, and then you went to have a good time with Amy, without realising that she had been raped, things could get nasty. You may be asking yourself, “How come I didn’t notice a big puddle of juice coming out of my sex doll‘s private parts before I raped her? There could be many reasons for this: depression, anger, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your judgment is clouded by extreme arousal, etc.

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