Does a real sex doll smile, moan, and even have conversations?

Does a real sex doll smile, moan, and even have conversations?

This is a topic maybe many people are concerned about.

The new generation of sex dolls for men are on the increase due to coronavirus.

A brand new, realistic “sex robotic” that can smile, blink and moan, give goose bumps, and engage in conversations is flying off the shelves following the outbreak of coronavirus.

The dolls are sold through ALDOLL.COM is trying to make this type of sexually explicit doll.

“There is a plethora of lonely, middle aged guys who don’t want to venture into the maze of relationships, but there are disabled people who find mini sex dolls to be comfortable and non-judgmental and couples just like us who are looking to add a new dimension to their relationship without the burden of emotional baggage” as per the site. “Increasingly it is also the case that there are people who think that they would like a sex model to fit their style of living better.”

But, they are being utilized by those concerned about COVID-19 as well as couples. Since the outbreak was discovered, the company in Florida has seen orders rise by over 51% between March and February – the time when lockdowns were imposed in the US as well as other countries.

“These represent the best realistic models on the market. ….They claim that 90 percent of sex happens in the mind. When you’re able to have sex with a doll is so realistic that it makes sexual sex more enjoyable and satisfying,” Amit told the Daily Star Online.

We believe that we can own such kind of sex doll in near future.

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