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Do you want to shower with sex dolls?

These numbers will show you that you’re not the only one with disabilities. The dolls themselves are real. They can buy them and use them at home without inflation. They combine the best of modern manufacturing precision with human aspirations.

You can take your sexy doll to the pool or the shower, but be sure to protect her neck and head from the water. If you do decide to take your big booty sex dolls for a bath, keep in mind these important points: This is to keep her dry and fresh, especially if you install a heating system.

Some adult products don’t work as well as others. Sex dolls can often be molded to the whole body, while some models mimic specific body parts such as the head, vagina and buttocks. Many adult toy companies are now offering the best products. They never make you feel bad, and they have no hormone imbalance.

Your hair dryer should not be used to dry your sex doll. TPE is sensitive to heat. Take out any parts of the doll that have a removable head or other body parts and wash them thoroughly. You can clean your doll with warm water, mild detergent, and any antibacterial soap mixture provided by the seller. Before storing, dry it thoroughly.

Sex dolls are about half the weight of real people of the same size and shape. There are many reasons to buy sex dolls. In most cases this is a one-time purchase. Make sure you get the right product, and that you enjoy it for the rest your life.

You can use it in the following four steps. Use cold water first. Next, mix the antibacterial soap and then move to warm water.

It all depends on the material used to make your shemale sex dolls. What type of silicone or TPE is your sex doll made from? You’ll have to spend more time cleaning if it’s TPE. It’s porous and absorbs many particles. Some sex dolls can’t withstand heat so it is best to use medium-temperature water.

Don’t run water directly on the head. Also, don’t forget about removing the head from the neck. Use a synthetic liquid to clean the vagina. After having sex, wash your vagina with a synthetic liquid. Use an antibacterial cloth as mold and bacteria can thrive in the humid, dark environment of the manhole.

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