Do you feel more relaxed if your doll is around?

Do you feel more relaxed if your custom sex doll is around?

Friends have shared their opinions about the smell of sex toys with one another.

1. It can cause me to wake up and/or affect my sleep quality if it is too strong.

2. Its smell is not what I value most, but its presence near me. You can sense that her figure is very good, regardless of whether it’s the spoon or the backrest.

3. The TPE is now my favorite scent. It smells better than perfumes or feminine hygiene products. It’s probably because I associate it the endless number of dolls. I like small sex doll because they can be perceived, even if it’s not something I do with them. It’s just that I like to know they are right there with me.

4. None of my dogs can sleep in the same bed as me. There isn’t enough space in the bed for my wife and the puppies. I do like the smell of a new WM doll. Lavender powder is also a good option. Unfortunately, the “VSE” smell goes away after a while.

A asian sex doll is my best friend. My old-fashioned candy Amy smells a little like rubber when I place my nose under her chin. To sleep well, I still need a mini sex doll.

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