Do we really need sexual dolls in the near future?

Do we really need thick sex doll in the near future?

Will we not require partners or real people in the near future? Can plastic and our imagination be sufficient to make us totally satisfied and content? Should you believe that the Australian Psychological Society has its method there is no way to know. It has recently issued a statement cautioning against ignoring the importance of real relationships. Since real relationships they say, are essential to maintaining mental well-being.

At brothels, sexual dolls can be sometimes also whipped, their heads snipped or their private parts ripped off by violent assault. The critics warn that having a sexual contact with dolls can be a numbing experience and the fact that tpe sex dolls do not ever say “no” can inspire rape fantasies. But brothel owners say that fantasies of violence are best executed on dolls, not on real persons.

However, as of now there have been no studies that have looked into the long-term effects of mini sex doll on sexuality. Also, Ulrike Plogstiess who is a psychologist who is co-president at the German Society for Sexual Medicine, Therapy and Science, is unable to provide a definitive answer, either “I can neither approve nor reject such dolls”. She hasn’t yet spoken her final word.

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