Do sex dolls really have to be so terrible?

Q: I recently converted to a Christian and I now pray that my husband becomes an agnostic too. The marriage we have had has been a bit turbulent but the most stable portion of it has been our sexual life. Unfortunately, our sexual life with sex doll was a bit wild, filled with porn and toys. It’s a struggle to build up the courage to inform me that I’m not going to indulge in those activities any more. I’m worried that he’ll be angry at my faith and lose only point of contact with us that felt happy. What can I do? Do the sexual “aids” really so bad?

I have often thought about how many adult men have changed into Christians by the prayers and love of women. This was the case with my father. After 35 years of loving acceptance and constant prayers from Mom the man finally accepted God’s guidance and showed love. I am grateful that you are prayerfully praying for your husband. I believe that maintaining and enhancing your marriage will be your top priority with cheap sex dolls.

A lot of newly-converted Christian wives are forced to endure all kinds of pre-Christian behaviors when it comes to their relationship as well as winning their husbands back to the Lord. I understand that the burden that comes from feeling “unequally yoked with an unbeliever” is a constant struggle. It is hard to balance your own adherence to Paul’s instruction for wives to remain loyal and to draw her husband closer to Jesus by her actions.

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It is your intention to understand how to be a loving spouse God and your spouse in the fullest extent you can the rest will be in place.

Please let me affirm your conclusion that sex toys and porn are not appropriate in the sex lives of believers. The use of sex porn and toys to increase sexual attraction isn’t ideal and can be dangerous. In our practice of counselling, Melissa and I see an increasing amount of people of both genders who have developed a serious addiction to the stimulation of pornographic media. This addiction is known to undermine relationships, and creates suspicion and a feeling of loss, and frequently causes a greater exploration of sexuality and relationships outside of marriage. These can be damaging to relationships, emotionally and physically and can cause self-respect, reciprocal confidence and enjoyment. They can also be physically destructive. Nowadays, sexually transmitted infections have become epidemic in scale. HIV Human papillomavirus, HIV and antibiotic-resistant bacteria affect about 50% of adult population across the United States and even higher proportions in other nations. Condoms do not (I repeat, do not) provide reliable protection.

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