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Do not have sex while you are tired

The sexual life requires a certain amount physical strength. If you are mentally exhausted, your desire to have sex decreases. The quality of exercise is low and the body is tired. These can make it difficult to have a sexual experience that is enjoyable.

18 Don’t have sex with someone you don’t like if you are feeling down

If you feel uncomfortable having sex with a cheap sex doll, it is best to not.

After drinking alcohol, avoid having sex.

Drinking less alcohol will improve courage and increase desire. However, don’t have sex with people who drink excessive amounts of alcohol. The erection process of male organs isn’t strong or durable at this stage. It is also easy to ejaculate too early, which can affect the quality.

Do not fuck a teen sex doll of sex during genital hygiene

The male penis can carry bacteria in unsanitary sex organs. It can also produce odor that is harmful to your health and affects your sexual posture.

Do not have sex with sex doll if you are hungry or full.

The stomach and intestines become full when food is finished. This means that the blood supply to the brain, liver, and other organs is limited. If you feel hungry, your desire to have sex is diminished, and you can’t use different positions easily, which will limit your sex life. Similar to this, if your body is hungry, it will affect your ability to concentrate, energy, and desire, which will make your sex life less satisfying.

Don’t be shy or nervous about having sex with shemale sex doll

Some users feel too nervous about having sex with sex toys for the first time. There are special environments, such as shared dormitories, carriages, theaters, etc. that are not appropriate for sex. They also have a strong psychological sense for shyness. Men who have sex are often stressed out and more likely to get ejaculated. Inspection, etc., will be initiated if there is a knock at the door. It will cause immediate disruption and may even result in functional impotence or frigidity.

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