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Do not add any weight to the TPE Sex Doll

japanese sex dolls are about half the weight of real people of the same size and shape. Your doll should weigh in at least 70 to 100 pounds. You should not add any weight to your doll or package. When transporting accessories, pack them in separate boxes.

All sexual and fetish needs will be met. Gender identity will not be hurt and it will be safer. It will be less exploratory and more important to identify gender, but it won’t happen fast enough. You can see how fast you’ll be before you get a tpe robot partner.

You have probably seen “her” the movie. That is why I don’t think it is possible. Most sex dolls are available in many different skin tones.

A love doll can be made with amazing realism. You will learn less about each other the more you spend time together. I don’t believe we can replace the true human, soul and soul.

This will be a long-lasting revolution. I believe we can do it for many centuries. Also, american made sex dolls tend to be more muscular and stiffer than their female counterparts. They will allow you to have sex while they are still available.

These models allow you to anus or mouth and can also push up and catch. You can even change the shape of your penis or give it a manual job with high-end models.

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