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Do I need to pay for the import of a sex doll?

 The most severe impact of disability on young people is in underdeveloped countries. Because young people are more likely to be malnourished, this can hinder their development. Every doll, swell or physical, has its advantages and disadvantages.

Have you ever tried to find information on import fees for love dolls for sale in previous posts? How much will an import cost for a doll that is purchased and shipped to the United States? These import costs are higher from certain countries than others. These accidental charges are who? They will either take the doll hostage or send it back if they don’t pay their ransom.

The realistic dolls are so real and sexy that you will feel as if you are in bed with your female partner when you go out for boring sex. With a little imagination, money, and a lot of creativity, you can do almost anything with a sex toy doll. There are many sexual positions and exciting foreplay positions. You can also have unparalleled oral sex. These magical devices can add fun to your bedroom design.

What is the import charge for a Chinese sex toy that costs $2,000? What is the import fee for these dolls? Recently, a doll seller told me that he had lowered the price of the doll so that he didn’t have to charge import fees.

According to my knowledge, there is no law that prohibits the import of realistic sex toys from China. The responsibilities of the importer and project owner will determine the tariffs due. This can be discussed with your local customs broker.

Due to the dolls’ market prices and quantities, it can be difficult to pay import taxes on cross-border doll transactions. The US threshold for allowable values is high. However, other countries, such as the European Union, have very low thresholds. As long as the declared value exceeds 22 euros, customs will control the project.

The threshold should be $2,000 for the United States. For rates, please refer to the duty calculator. If the shipment is held by customs, DHL will contact the buyer.

 The entire customs clearance process usually takes around 2 business days.

If the buyer refuses payment, the item is blocked at customs and, if tax is not paid in full, it will normally be returned to the sender. If this happens, the sender will likely contact you to fulfill the obligation. Important: Keep the tariffs you have received in your possession just in case.

I hope you find the above helpful. All of that should not stop you from purchasing big breasted sex doll. It will be worth it!

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