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Dive Into The Bizarre World Of True Love Dolls

These increasingly realistic adult silicone luxury pocket sex doll have replaced the inflatable sex dolls of the past. The former is mainly the object of ridicule, while the latter has gradually become a social phenomenon and a promising new market. Born in Japan in the 1970s, the life-size love doll first seduced the few stubborn bachelors, men who were affected by fetishes, bereavement, frustration or, more simply, loneliness. Today, thousands of copies are sold every year across the archipelago, and it’s always more sophisticated.

Dozens of companies, including Western, are now working to thrive in the new business, which is already selling as many as 50 love dolls a month around the world. Best known are American luxury sex dolls or sex doll anime Story. It has been operating in Lyon for many years and recently changed its name to 4Woods. Immerse yourself in this weird world of sex dolls, from manufacturing to client recommendations.

It may be at the forefront of artificial intelligence, depending on personalization and related technologies, but a “true love doll” can range from €1,000 to €70,000. Clients typically pay $5,000-7,000 for all fantasies (not just sexual fantasies) of these unique new consumer objects. Signs of the depth of the phenomenon: The entire media, including France, investigates these interesting examples of lovers RealDoll and the development of a new field of sexual technology “sex technology”. Several countries have created fan forums to discuss the power of these new life-size Dutch wives.

However, as Mrs Figaro recalled in her February 2018 article, the phenomenon is not without some ethical questions. Meanwhile, a brothel opened in Paris’ 14th arrondissement, offering customers the chance to play with one of three luxury love dolls for $89 an hour.

With the exception of Japan and the United States, almost every major European city has at least one such institution. Mrs Figaro also mentioned the US company’s bots and “rape mode,” which have five different personalities for users to program… More worryingly, the company whose paper is being watched by the authorities. I also mentioned Norway, which is doing. More and more sex dolls with pictures of children. Lesser-known, under-regulated industries need to monitor exceptions.

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