Discussing Controlling Desire from Psychology: Is this a kind of pathological psychology?

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Many individuals will place words “ill” for this kind of habits, yet allow us consider why we think it is “ill”? Every person has their very own leisure activities, isn’t this love? Why is it okay to chew on your fingers, yet there is a problem with cheap sex dolls?

It can be anticipated that there are two factors for this. Initially, since they treat the mini sex doll as a grown-up, and also commit the exact same quantity of love as human love to love it. This inanimate item is like the manifestation of love. Although all of us need love, the majority of people can not accept this kind of love that is totally separated from reality.

Second, it is as a result of the actions of “control need”. Although it can not do anything, its characteristic is that you can completely control it. The complexity of human connections lies in their uncontrollability since we can not regulate the thoughts as well as activities of others, so everybody ought to have the experience of obtaining hurt when getting along with others. You will not be hurt by it. Even if this sensation is imaginary, it does not enjoy you, however it also satisfies the need to control in the heart.

But can you really solve real issues by throwing on your own into the impression to prevent damage? The truth is so harsh, and getting along with individuals, in truth, will hurt you. Controlling people with strong wishes is additionally among the distinguishing characteristics of psychos, so it can not be claimed that they are “pathological” completely unreasonable.

Despite just how much you differ with its habits, we can not deny exactly how individual teams love realistic sex dolls. The editor of ALDOLL appreciates that interviewees can neglect the eyes of others as well as do their very own method openly and also easily. He delights in that who can become a real buddy in culture? The globe is so huge, but the life of material wishes, red light, and green red wine can not discover a true friend. Just how cruel is it to be like this? And also how much company do mini sex doll bring to them?

In reality, how many people have never ever been so respected as well as valued like this sex doll? The ALDOLL editor still respects his choice as well as admires the courage to put this kind of love on a lovely art work when there is nobody to treasure in the impetuous society.

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