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Colognes and perfumes for your sex doll

It’s normal for a woman to want to be smelling great in sexual activities. The aroma of an incredible perfume or cologne could create a lasting impression and can make sex awe-inspiring. We’re not trying to prevent anyone from having a blast.

But, we wish to ensure that you do not cause any harm that you did not intend to cause. If you are required to spray fragrance or cologne, apply it to the doll’s clothes rather than the mini sex doll. The majority of perfumes are alcohol-based and do not work well with the use of silicone and TPE. The smell could also get into the doll’s fabric and then change. This is not pleasant for anyone.

4.3 Make Your Sex Doll Pretty

Dressing your doll in lingerie can be one of the things that make her so enjoyable. Make sure to keep this in mind as you choose her sexy clothes However, some clothes contain dyes that could stain your doll. Be cautious when picking outfits for your flat chested sex doll to ensure that you don’t cause damage or staining to the synthetic skin of her. When you put on her clothes as well as taking them off be gentle when handling her.

4.4 Be Gentle

Do not scrub her hard in the cleaning process and don’t be violent while engaging in sexual relations with her because this could scratch the artificial flesh. Keep in mind that cheap sex doll can become fragile but it should they be sanded or exposed to extreme temperatures.

4.5 Take a look at some hot Porn Videos while having a Sex with Your Sex Doll

Watch hot porn while you sex with your sex doll . You can do similar positions to couples in these videos. In other words, while couples are in the doggie position, simply lay your teen sex doll on the bed and then bend her, then enter from behind. This will make the experience much more sexually attractive and we’re betting you’ll get ejaculated within a matter of minutes!

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