How to clean your sex doll on a regular basic?

Everyone hates a partner who isn’t clean isn’t it? However, it’s important to ensure that your partner is clean.

mini Sex Doll
real doll from sex doll

In general it is recommended to clean your beloved mini sex dolls at least at least every 30 days. You can do it more frequently if you are using often.

To wash your doll, soak it in clean, fresh water. Make use of an anti-microbial soap to cleanse all the parts of sex dolls for men. It’s similar to giving an actual bath to a person.

However, it is important to note that you shouldn’t put the doll’s head under water.

CLEAN THE SENSITIVE AREA of your doll after use.

If you’ve ever utilized your doll’s vagina, mouth or anus make sure to clean the areas following use.

Cleaning them up is inhumane. It could facilitate the growth of a variety of nasty micro-organisms which could make you sick!

We suggest that you use an irrigator vaginally in order to make sure that delicate components of your doll have been cleaned. When you’ve cleaned them, wipe dry using an absorbent, dry towel, and then apply an irrigator to renew them.

Cleaning the head has its OWN procedure

Because you can’t submerge the head in water, you’ll need follow slightly different steps in order to wash the head of your doll.

It is possible to use water that contains the antimicrobial detergent or shower cleanser. Cleanse your doll’s face and neck, using a wet cloth by using this formula. Use a soft cloth to dry your doll’s hair.

It is recommended to contact the manufacturer or refer to the manual to find the most effective method of cleaning the hair of your doll.


After you have cleaned your beloved doll There are some must-dos and don’ts to be following.

Be sure that the doll’s dry throughout because any remaining moisture could harm your doll, or encourage the growth of mould and bacteria. Make use of a soft towel to dry your beloved doll.

Do not use any object that produces high temperatures (e.g. the hair dryer) to dry your doll because the extreme temperatures could cause irreparable damage.

Once dried, you are able to apply renewing powder on the doll’s skin. This will preserve the natural texture of the doll’s skin.

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