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 Cheap vs Expensive Silicone | Sex Doll Rumors

Recently, ALDOLL staff has caught the rumor that there are different grades of silicone bbw sex doll material that sex dolls were constructed from. This information was shared with us by a manufacturer of silicone dolls ALDOLL and took us by shock, since for a long time , everyone believed that all silicone dolls were the same. To find out the real issue we’ve asked ALDOLL several questions to discover why some silicone mini sex doll last for longer and others begin to show signs of wear within a few weeks.

Cheap vs Expensive Silicone for Sex Dolls

There are apparently different types of silicone. One is costly and the other inexpensive. The cheaper one is being referred to as silicone, but it’s not an improvement from the TPE materials according to the manufacturer of silicone teen sex doll. Therefore, we’ve begun our research into the cost of silicone and why it’s better to make use of less expensive silicone materials.

Premium silicone is over 30 percent higher in price!

Although some factories refused to divulge their prices for raw materials After meticulous research, we discovered that the less expensive silicone from China or Brazil could cost between $1900 to $3500 USD per one Ton (31 gallon) in material. In contrast, American manufactured silicone is imported, the wholesale price could range from $10 000 USD up to an astounding $20 000 USD for a ton of platinum silicone made solely for molds. When we examine the numbers, American silicone is at least 30 percent more expensive than more affordable silicone options that come from China or Brazil. The lower cost of raw materials, and the cost-effectiveness of getting it to the factory is the reason why several producers from China opt for the more affordable alternative.

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