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Change your love dolls

Every outfit isn’t able to be used as a sexy doll. Particularly, tight jeans and tight trousers aren’t ideal and can cause lots of time. The most effective way to select the appropriate clothes for your doll is to pick loose pants and hot skirts, tops, pants or dresses that your love-bird is able to easily slide into.

To dress your sex doll, put her in a comfortable position and stretch her legs and arms. The easiest method for doing this is to place the specific piece of clothing like an outfit, over her arms and head after which you pull the dress back down. Strapless dresses are a breeze to put on your favorite teen sex doll.

If it’s the skirt, straighten your beloved doll and then drape it over her legs. After that, you can put your loved one on her back, stretching her legs upwards, and then gently pull back her skirt. Done!

Be patient when dressing your doll. Be patient and be aware of things like zippers or buttons that could harm your sex doll.

Pointed Objects

You may not think about how many pointed items you see on your clothes. This includes, for instance zippers, or low-quality and pointed-rhinestones. If they’re not top quality, they may cause skin irritation to your doll and cause damage to it. Be sure to stay away from pointed objects while handling or dressing your doll.

If you have an TPE doll, you should be careful as they are more prone to damage because of its softness TPE. In general you’ll find that your TPE doll will return to her original form, however should her skin become damaged because of her tight clothes, pressure points that last for a long time can develop. It is also possible that your sex doll made of TPE has more pores than an typical silicone cheap sex doll. So, your TPE doll will be more likely to get discolored.

Make sure you keep these points in mind as you are shopping for your silicone sex doll or TPE doll! No matter what material you select your new friend will be stunning!

Your Sex Doll Especially Likes These Clothes

There is a good chance that nearly everything you love personally is perfect for your new sexy doll. As the owner of her you will be able to select the most gorgeous items online or at shops and personalize her appearance. Perhaps you like a dark beauty that has a gothic style or perhaps a fun small thing that is in light pastel hues – however your preference, you’ll have plenty of choices.

For everyday use Light and loose clothing is safest for your flat chest sex doll but if you pick high-end clothing, you can make them more sensual and darker. As we’ve mentioned before that you should always be sure of the colorfastness of your clothes!

Our recommendation is to purchase clothing that is capable of being stretched. These are clothes that can be stretched but don’t press against the silicone or TPE excessively.

You’re interested in knowing what kind of underwear is best for your sexy doll and how to choose the ideal bra?

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