Care tips for sex dolls

A good quality lubricant should always be on hand

The sex doll‘s lubricant will not only increase its longevity but also reduce friction and prevent injury. The lubricant can also make the experience more real and messy. Use a water-based lubricant when using your sex toy. It is compatible with silicone and latex. You can have a great time without worrying about damaging your girlfriend’s condom or material.

If you want to make cleaning easier, a condom can be used.

If you plan to use the product with your teen sex doll, make sure it is water-based. There are many great options.

Avoid soaking the head or wig in water.

Start by taking off the head and wig when cleaning your sexy doll. Use the recommended cleaning products to clean them. Follow the steps. To remove any dirt or dust, use a soft, clean cloth. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use excessive force to clean.

Take care of your mini sex doll.

Preparing the storage area for your new sex doll is one of the most important things to do before you buy it. You should consider the size and level of discretion that you want to keep, as well as the space available. After cleaning and using your sex doll.

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