Care of sex dolls Part 2.


Your flat chest sex doll comes with an skeleton made of metal with a variety of joints that are movable and fixed. They allow it to be movable and move through a range of poses. There are holes for screw fixing in the joints, feet and leg. The normal thing is for dolls to have a few signs of alterations and marks on these parts.

Be aware when you transport your bbw sex doll. Because of its skeleton of metal it could be very heavy , depending on its size. Beware of dropping your doll or bumping it into hard surfaces. This could harm it.

Make sure you protect the fingers of your doll. Fingers have internal threads which allow you to place your doll’s hands onto them. The doll’s fingers permit a very gentle grip, and are not able to hold any weight. Internal threads could be broken if not handled with care.

Our dolls have wrists that are reinforced which can hold the weight of their bodies. If you’re having doggy-style sexual relations with your doll, it’s recommended to put your mini sex doll‘s body beneath her using pillows or other furniture.


The body of your doll’s sex is best cleaned once each month in a shower or bath with a moderate antimicrobial cleanser.

You can place with your pet in bath or shower alongside her. However, you should not put her head or neck submerged in water.

To clean your doll’s face, clean it delicately with a damp sponge and a gentle foaming cleanser suitable for dolls of all ages. Don’t immerse the head of your doll in water.

Make use of a soft, absorbent cloth then gently clean your sex doll following cleaning.

After drying you can apply a thin coat on Premium Renewing Powder, which will keep her skin soft and silky. Don’t use a hairdryer or any other heat source in order to dry the doll.


The oral, anal, and vaginal parts that make up the Real Doll should be cleaned following each use to stop an increase in bacteria since the skin of TPE is more porous than silicone.

Cleanse the channel using mild soap that is antibacterial in an irrigator for vaginal use until the channel is completely clean. Rinse the channel with clear water in an irrigator for vaginal use until soap has completely gone.

Dry the canal completely.

After drying After drying, apply Premium Renewal Powder in and out.


To insert the replaceable vagina inside the doll, powder the exterior of the insert as well as on the interior of the vaginal cavity, where the insert is placed with the Premium Renewal powder.

To cleanse the replaceable vagina following usage, use the guidelines for vaginal, anal and oral cleansing.


It is important to ensure that any clothes your dolls wear is not susceptible to color transfer. TPE is extremely porous, and darker colours or patterns could be absorbed and cause discolouration of your doll. It could cause difficulty or even impossible get rid of. However, our stain remover does well in getting rid of most clothing stain.


To wash your doll’s hair remove the wig from her head and scrub it with gentle shampoo as well as conditioner. The wig should dry naturally (using the wig stand should you be able to) before you gently brush the hair beginning at the bottom before moving up.

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