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Care and storage of a sex doll

Your beloved teen sex doll was created with an upright posture. Don’t leave her bent for extended durations of time in order to prevent any deformation. Dolls shouldn’t be placed in a sitting position unless purchased with the standing option. Dolls that are not held with the three bolts that make up the standing option standing position could cause injury to the plant in the foot (cuts and holes).

Don’t force her to extend her limbs too far or put too much pressure on the skeleton’s natural range of motion in order to avoid resulting in injury over the course of time.

If not in use, the mini sex doll can be kept in the original cardboard box or flight case, and preferably in a dry area that is not too cold or too hot. TPE is likely to begin deforming in temperatures between 50-55 degrees Celsius.

The doll could also be kept in a vertical position. If the body is equipped with the option of standing (the three bolts that are in the bottom of the shoe) it is able to stand for a long time but the presence of a supporting structure (a wall, for instance) is always suggested. The bodies that are not too heavy can be hanged from an upright bar (e.g. in a closet). To hang the body , you require a specific hook, which sex doll provides on request, and at a minimal cost to customers of the majority of brands that we have in our catalog.

To ensure the safety of your flat chested sex doll in storage, please choose soft and non-smooth materials that do not leave stains. Mattresses made of foam and blankets can be among the sought-after and suggested products. If you are using memory foam, we recommend leaving an opening for the buttocks as well as the breasts in order to avoid the danger of flattening the breasts and buttocks.


Aldoll is the only brand on our catalog to provide heating cheap sex doll. If you don’t have a heating doll but you want get it warm, you could make use of an electrical blanket. Manufacturers suggest not heating the silicone or TPE’s surface more than 50degC or 122degF. Any temperature higher would result in excessive softness within the material, making it more susceptible to deform. In order to warm orifices, you can make use of an electric rod (sometimes included in the packaging. If it is not, please contact us for information on how to purchase it). The heating rod should be placed in the doll’s legs closed and only for a couple of minutes to prevent injury from overheated TPE.

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