Can your body be cloned into a sex doll?

Can your body be cloned into a sex doll?

One woman was cloned into an sex doll that is so realistic you will need a microscope to distinguish them. Cloud Climax, a British company, is selling mail-order “hair clones” for $6.99. These mini sex doll look like real love dolls and were scanned by Chinese women with industrial-grade 3D photography. Cloud Climax describes the doll as being 166cm tall and 40kg in weight.

“Your body will become a lifelike shemale sex doll by being cloned. This can be sold to your followers on your website or social media channels. It is stored only on the Cloud Climax website. The website explains that cutting-edge technology combined with art and investment transform beautiful living organisms into sex dolls.

A video where a “Scottish-looking” sexbot introduced himself to the public was previously shared by fans. Cloud Climax is looking for volunteers and individuals who are able to create their own cloned young love dolls.

It states that adult singers, actors, and social media stars are in great need. Don’t forget to keep the details. They are closer together. They are closer together, which is more impressive. You can see that the blood vessels of hot-blooded skin are very different. According to the sex robot, she can help buyers find new partners and make them feel more comfortable in bed. Five old painters are required for each 100cm doll. Each doll requires 20 hours of hard work. Thinning hair is an added bonus.

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