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Can the crease appear when you use the sex toy?

Sex dolls for males are extremely sturdy. They are made from high-quality materials, so they are resistant to damage even when being used repeatedly. There will be some damage, particularly if they are used in an unsafe manner. There are many methods to repair sex toys. We will show you the best method to fix sex toys that have been damaged.

Sometimes, all you need to do to fix your beloved mini sex dolls is to purchase it new. This article will provide information on simple ways to repair sex dolls. Hair dryers are a great solution to damaged sex dolls. Use the towel to cover the indentation of the sex doll.

If you accidentally push something heavy onto the doll’s surface, this can also happen. Indentation can also occur if the doll is incorrectly placed or stored in a wrong position.

 The dye in the cloth can stain and bleed on your doll. Preparing a towel is the first step in this process. White towels are best. This is

You must clean the doll’s skin before you glue it. You should not leave glue residue on the tip of your application tool. This could cause glue stains and drip onto your doll’s skin. The oil or petroleum jelly that you use can help distribute heat more evenly. This step is important in order to not burn the skin of sex dolls.

Let the torso sex toy cool off, then continue the process. Continue this process until you are satisfied with the doll’s appearance. Do not heat your doll’s skin too close. This could cause it to become more damaged. You should keep your heat gun at a minimum of four inches from the doll’s skin.

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