Can I marry a Realistic Love Doll


Can I marry a Realistic Love Doll?

A man with terminal cancer wants to marry, but doesn’t want to see his wife suffer. His solution? He married a shemale sex doll. China is awestruck by his elegant wedding photos.

Science is the creator of beauty. Every face and every figure is attractive, no matter what shape they may be. All facial features are acceptable, including round, plump cheekbones, plump lips, porcelain-white skin and pointed noses. Soon, the audience will recognize the beauty of the cheap sex dolls.

Beijing reports that the man wanted a stunning wedding photo shoot before his death. He brought a life-like sex doll, and performed all the work including a make up artist and a beautiful wedding dress.

He can be seen loving his bride plastically and having a great time at his first dance.

CCTV reported that CCTV recently received a report from a user stating that the person had terminal cancer. He chose to marry an artificially made love doll in order not to hurt other people’s feelings.

Everyone knows that not everyone is interested in complex relationships. Many people only want a partner who fulfills all their highest needs. All kinds of fantasies can be fulfilled by sex dolls. Are you averse to your partner telling you that you are too crazy or irresponsible? You might consider a silicone love doll.

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