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Buy Cleaning Supplies And Lubes for Your Love Doll


The latest sex toys are considered investments that’s why, just the as you care for your body, it is essential to take care of your dolls also, if you want them to last the longest period of time. Since the japanese sex doll is constructed of soft TPE materials while it offers an excellent feel that is realistic but it also creates the issue of easily tearing.It is crucial to use cleaning products and lubricants either prior to or after use, if necessary.

We suggest ALDOLL’s Sex Doll Care Kit and water-based lube because we’ve tested it and not only is it effective according to the instructions on the box however, it also provides an excellent sensation on the doll’s skin. Be cautious of using silicon-based oils as they could react with TPE material and cause harm for the custom sex doll.

Pay Attention To The Size & Weight

When you decide to purchase an sex doll be sure to look at the dimensions and weight of the doll. Like you’d look at the size and weight of a pair shoes you’re planning to purchase similarly, you must check the measurements of the doll. This is because the different sizes of sex doll have advantages and drawbacks. For instance, a larger doll is more difficult to control physically, whereas smaller dolls is if it’s too small isn’t able to perform the task.

A smaller model is, if it’s sized correctly for your needs can be more convenient to store than the larger one that will consume all of the space. It is also crucial to consider the weight in those who don’t have strong arms, making an issue. Of course , you can put this mini sex doll down on other floor however, for those who enjoy playing with standing positions and want to try standing up, weight shouldn’t be an issue. So, take your time prior to purchasing a doll and select the one that is right for you! In consideration of the various needs of each person we ALDOLL has come up with a variety of sex dolls that come in various sizes and will fulfill your different requirements.

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